Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC)

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Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology is a field proven, mature commercial product operating worldwide with an accumulated experience of millions of operating hours.

Vuselela Energy successfully employs an ORC system at its Eternity Power Thermal Harvesting™ plant, constructed at the Anglo Platinum Waterval Smelting Complex near Rustenburg in the North West province in South Africa.

At Eternity Power, Vuselela’s Thermal Harvesting™ technology is used to collect the waste energy from the platinum converters’ cooling circuits. The hot thermal medium is then processed in the ORC where the thermal energy is converted to electrical power.

The ORC system is a pre-engineered, pre-packaged power unit specifically designed for low to medium temperature heat sources. It consists mainly of a vaporizer, preheater, turbine-generator set, an air cooled condenser and a set of feed pumps.

The driving mechanism of an ORC plant is based on the principle of a typical Rankine thermodynamic cycle. Hot thermal fluid provides the heat to the power cycle. The organic cycle motive fluid is a hydrocarbon selected for optimal utilization of the available heat source at relatively low temperature.

The ORC system is supplied complete with all generation,synchronization and control equipment for on-site HV connection at either 11kV or 6.6kV site voltage.

ORCs are proven to require minimal maintenance resulting in high availability, low maintenance and low operational costs.

Advantages of an ORC system include:

  • Condensing near atmospheric pressure
  • High turbine efficiency at low output
  • Moisture-free turbine expansion
  • Remote, unattended operation
  • Water-free cooling
  • Low maintenance