Business Development

Vuselela’s Business Development Strategy consists of the following phases, for the short and medium term, some of which have already been completed:

  • Thermal Harvesting™ Conceptualization
  • Technology Supply Agreements
  • Market Awareness & Roadshow
  • Thermal Harvesting™ Concept Verification
  • Rapid Commercialization
  • Continuous Business Development

In terms of the patented technologies already developed for the Ferro-Alloy industry, Vuselela is well positioned to dominate this sector in the short to medium term.

Nevertheless, continuous business development activities from a CDM, Marketing and Engineering perspective will require the establishment of a dedicated team of professionals, currently supplied by the individual shareholders in their personal capacities and by EPS as engineering partner.

In addition, it is an integral part of Vuselela’s long term strategy to become the dominant owner and operator of the Thermal Harvesting™ equipment and technology that it supplies to industry. In order to achieve these goals, Vuselela is building a qualified team that can serve its envisaged rapid market expansion.