Vuselela Energy aims to become the dominant supplier, owner and operator of Thermal Harvesting™ Solutions in the Pyro-Metallurgical industry worldwide.



The key objectives for Vuselela are:

  • To verify and promote its exclusive Thermal Harvesting™ Technologies (patents pending) to maximum advantage in the South African Ferro-alloy sector.
  • To achieve critical mass in the South African Ferro-alloy sector, by leveraging our first mover advantage with Organic Rankine Cycle technology.
  • To Build, Own and Operate a portfolio of Waste Heat to Energy plants in the Ferro-Alloy, Iron & Steel and PGM industries in South Africa.
  • To expand Vuselela’s reputation and brand name within other Pyro-Metallurgical sectors in South Africa and in other Ferro-alloy producing countries.
  • To become a leading, international, clean technology project developer and owner.
  • To achieve an exit for investors within 10 years.


Vuselela Energy creates value for shareholders by:

  • Earning dividends from Thermal Harvesting™ CDM projects as a principal investor.
  • Earning income from secondary CER market sales from Thermal Harvesting™ CDM projects.