Vuselela Team
About Vuselela Energy

Jacques Malan

Jacques is a Pyro-Metallurgical engineer with over 20 years experience in the ferrous, base metals, ferro-alloy and refractory industries. His experience includes research and process design through to commissioning and operation of metallurgical plants in South Africa and internationally. Jacques was named the SME SA Innovator of the Year in 2016. Throughout his career, Jacques has specialized in development of new processes for niche applications and has authored a number of publications in the metallurgical field. He was also responsible for establishment of the first CDM compliant Waste Gas to Energy plant in the worldwide Ferro-Alloy industry, a 17MW plant at International Ferro Metals.

Vernon Harding

Vernon is a Chemical engineer with over 20 years experience in the design and construction of furnaces and environmental systems in the Pyro-Metallurgical field. He holds an Honors degree in Environmental engineering and a Masters degree in Business Management. Vernon is a director of Environmental & Process Solutions and is currently heading the environmental and energy business line at EPS. He has developed several industrial process patents in environmental and energy footprint reduction through his career. Some of these patents form the basis of the Vuselela business strategy.

Hennie van Rooyen

Hennie is a Mechanical Engineer with over 28 years experience in the design of equipment and project execution in the minerals and metals industry. Hennie is a director of EPS and is currently heading the mechanical design and project execution business line at EPS. He has been instrumental in the development of several pieces of industrial equipment and patents in the minerals and metals industry through his career.

Reyburn Hendricks

Reyburn is the managing director of H1 Holdings, which is the controlling shareholder in Vuselela Energy. He has extensive experience in investments and since 1996 has worked in asset management, corporate advisory and private equity prior to joining H1 Holdings in 2007.

Gabriele Maraschin

Gabriele is an electrical engineer and is the Head of Business Development for H1 Holdings. Gabriele has over 10 years of experience in the energy sector in Europe and Africa. He has managed and concluded multiple developments in various energy technologies.

Janine Tilley

Janine oversees communication for Vuselela Energy and is a Project Manager at H1 Holdings. Janine has been working in communications since 1996 and has been fund raising and managing development projects since 2002.