We improve the quality of lives by
  producing cleaner energy

About Vuselela

We aim to power the equivalent of 2 million households with cleaner energy.

Vuselela Team

We have over 40 years of combined experience in the mettalurgical, chemical and mechanical engineering fields.

Our Technology

Our Eternity Power Thermal Harvesting™ clean energy power plant has won multiple awards for innovation.

Introduction to Vuselela Energy (PTY) Ltd

Vuselela was conceived in 2009 to originate and develop clean energy projects based on capturing and utilisation of waste heat sources in the Metallurgical industry. The personnel and partners of Vuselela Energy are from the Pyro-metallurgical sector so understand these dynamics and processes intimately.

Vuselela Energy secured exclusive use of the Thermal Harvesting™ Technologies developed in conjunction with its partner Environmental and Process Solutions (EPS), for which patents have been obtained (both provisional and final). Vuselela further developed strong relationships with a number of Technology Suppliers, for application at selected targets in the Metallurgical and Mining sectors.

Vuselela Energy works to:

  • Lower the lifetime costs of energy
  • Provide a high level of availability of power for our energy projects
  • To have no impact on the operations of the company we partner with.

We have been instrumental in the establishment of the only two currently operating metallurgical waste gas to energy projects in South Africa (17MW and 7MW) and a first of its kind ORC based Thermal Harvesting™ plant (Eternity Power) on a smelter in South Africa (3.5MW). More information on Eternity Power can be downloaded here: Eternity Power Brochure

Vuselela offers target clients a number of very flexible implementation models with preference for long-term infrastructure type investments such as Build Own Operate & Transfer (BOOT) and Energy Conversion Contract (ECA) models. Vuselela’s long term vision is to become the dominant supplier and operator of Thermal Harvesting™ plants based on its patented technologies.

In August 2014 H1 Holdings concluded a transaction to acquire the majority of Vuselela Energy. H1 Holdings is based in Cape Town with Reyburn Hendricks and Lionel Jacobs as Directors. The company is wholly black-owned and led and was founded in 2000. To read more about H1 Holdings go to www.h1holdings.co.za

Vuselela Energy won the Africa Energy Innovation Award in 2016 and was inducted into the SA Innovation Awards Hall of Fame in 2015.